Enhance the value of the Marketing Profession in the Cayman Islands.

The Vision


The Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association (CIMPA) is a non-profit organisation that embraces all major business sectors and all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies.   Its goal is to help shape the future of the marketing profession in the Cayman Islands by building talented marketers and exceptional business leaders and by demonstrating marketing’s value and strategic role as a key driver of business success to gain respect as an industry.

Read the 2018 Annual Report.


The Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association (CIMPA) originated with the goal of providing on-island training opportunities to its members and the wider community, to raise the profile of the profession, to recognize the achievements of the local marketing community and to support the ambition of the youth wanting to become marketers. Thanks to the efforts of its founders Marie Parker, Lesley Ann-Thompson, Katie O’Neill and Monique Henry, CIMPA officially began in October 2012.

Since its inception, CIMPA has grown in membership and participation having hosted five annual conferences and three awards ceremonies, as well as frequent opportunities to network at socials, and continued professional development at regular training seminars in keeping with the original goals.

Some significant milestones:

The first annual CIMPA conference took place in 2013 at the Marriott Beach Resort

In 2014 CIMPA underwent a major rebrand, including a new website and brand identity.

2015 was the introduction of the first Awards Gala at the Marriott Beach Resort.

During 2015 and 2016, essential and major changes to the association’s structure and bye-laws took place to ensure the long-term success of CIMPA. These included specifying a maximum of two-year terms for board positions (board members can remain, but must move roles) and changing income requirements for initiating accounting audits amongst other necessary amendments.

2017 saw the introduction of CIMPA Collectives, monthly informal get-togethers for members to connect over lunch or happy hour.

In 2018 CIMPA became a recognized Not-For-Profit organization by the Cayman Islands Government.

The CIMPA boards through the years :

2012 – 2013 Board: 

Chair, Secretary and Head of Events, Marie Parker. Deputy Chair & Head of Training, Lesley Ann-Thompson. Deputy Chair & Head of Communications, Katie O’Neill. Treasurer, Monique Henry.


CIMPA Boards 2013 and 2014 at 2013 AGM (L-R) Katie O’Neill, Erin O’Keefe, JD Mosely-Matchett, Lynne Byles, Chris Linton, Lesley-Ann Thompson, Jennifer O’Leary, Trina Savage, Karen Ebanks.

2014 Board:

Chair, Lynne Byles. Deputy Chair, Jennifer O’Leary. Treasurer, Chris Linton. Secretary, J.D. Mosley-Matchett. Head of Communications, Trina Savage. Head of Events, Karen Ebanks. Head of Training, Maya Ogorzalek.